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Working It Out

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Dear L, Your backpack is rockin’, and glad to hear your first day at uni was just as swell. My Wednesday has been more-than-usually active. For starters, I finally got around to charging my Fitbit Flex, which is both really good and really bad. Really good, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy. Really bad, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy.

London Calling: Our Favourite Haunts

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Dear L, I may or may not have told you that, of my many paper related vices, I am addicted to quirky travel guides. Before I left for London, I decided to pull all of my London guides out of the bookshelf and make a little bucket list of things to do whilst there. Promptly burying myself under a mountain of publications, I decided that the bucket list may take several trips, not just the […]

Little Bit of Granola to Make Your Day

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Dear B, In my part of the world, (Sydney, Australia) it is officially half-way through summer. Therefore, I am unable to fathom the need of a leather jacket just yet, however, come Winter, a whole another story may be told. This week, I wanted to talk food. Yes, a great topic, if I may say so myself. Granola, is one of my favourite, easy/healthy breakfast (or any meal) options, and this is my (partially) Famous […]