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Announcements and Cold Days

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Dear B, Since reading the ever stunning letter by “P”, I have visited three art galleries in an attempt to find contemporary artist I love more then the ones she showed us (this of course did not succeed) so it is with great pleasure that I announce that “P” will be a monthly feature on the blog, to share her amazing insights, in what we will call a “Spoonful of Sugar” to sweeten the Tea […]

A Spoonful of Sugar: Tea for Three?

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Dear B and L, As you two reside in the cosiness of civilisation and urbanisation, I write to you very grateful to be invited on this once only rendezvous and send you bunches of flowers. However, I must also bring you to you a matter that is quite close to my heart and one that has landed me in a predicament, that of being the destiny of my entire existence.

A Day in the Life

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Dear L, All I could think throughout your last post was “I wish she was also wearing the outfit from Clueless”. You will have to make up for missing that opportunity 😛 While you are busy dealing with uni stress, I am busy trying to be busy when I’m not. I thought this break would be nice, but it turns out that I hate not being stressed out of my mind and never sleeping. Who […]

Oscars vs London Fashion Week

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Dear L, I have to be upfront and honest. I’m really angry at you. How dare you look like such a model in your perfect pair of denim shorts?! I thought we were blogging because we were both too short to walk the catwalk, but maybe that’s all been in my head and you’re actually 5 ” 10. Speaking of catwalks and despondency, two of my favourite things happened in the month that has been (aside […]

The Quest for the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts Part 2

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Dear B, What a week it’s been. We have had trend forecasts, tips for the case of the Monday’s, backpack inspiration, fitness motivation, facial reviews and tropical weather fashion, therefore to end the Express Mail week, before we return to just average mail (yes, average mail) and as the last day of summer finishes, I thought I would write my long-overdue part 2 of the quest of the shorts. (See Part 1 Here)

Jungle Fever

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Dear L, Glad to hear that you succumb almost as easily as me to those small offerings in the check out line. It is warming up in Queensland, and not only because the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder was just released. The sun is also contributing. In honour of the weather, and our recent tropical cyclone, I decided to get out and about in the rainforest, with the prints to match.

Working It Out

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Dear L, Your backpack is rockin’, and glad to hear your first day at uni was just as swell. My Wednesday has been more-than-usually active. For starters, I finally got around to charging my Fitbit Flex, which is both really good and really bad. Really good, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy. Really bad, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy.

Back It Up

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Dear B, I am about to re-educate myself  on Manic-Mondays after looking at my uni timetable (goodbye social life). However just receiving my enormous and countless textbooks that I “apparently” need every day, I was daunted by the thought of carrying endless books with me everywhere, and essentially look like a klutz. Therefore, going back to my primary school mentally, a back-pack was in order.