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Announcements and Cold Days

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Dear B, Since reading the ever stunning letter by “P”, I have visited three art galleries in an attempt to find contemporary artist I love more then the ones she showed us (this of course did not succeed) so it is with great pleasure that I announce that “P” will be a monthly feature on the blog, to share her amazing insights, in what we will call a “Spoonful of Sugar” to sweeten the Tea […]

Back It Up

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Fashion / Handy

Dear B, I am about to re-educate myself  on Manic-Mondays after looking at my uni timetable (goodbye social life). However just receiving my enormous and countless textbooks that I “apparently” need every day, I was daunted by the thought of carrying endless books with me everywhere, and essentially look like a klutz. Therefore, going back to my primary school mentally, a back-pack was in order.

Manic Mondays: Beat the Mayhem Tea Club Style

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Dear L, You truly do predict all the trends. . .  braided beards included (I’ll admit here that I was wrong, click to see why). With LFW just underway and NYFW just behind us, the blogging sphere has been going a little crazy, and in line with this week being non-stop posts, I was reminded of Manic Mondays. You may remember that last year I kept exhaustive to-do lists, some which were day-based, some week based, and some […]

London Calling: Our Favourite Haunts

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Dear L, I may or may not have told you that, of my many paper related vices, I am addicted to quirky travel guides. Before I left for London, I decided to pull all of my London guides out of the bookshelf and make a little bucket list of things to do whilst there. Promptly burying myself under a mountain of publications, I decided that the bucket list may take several trips, not just the […]