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Oscars vs London Fashion Week

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Dear L, I have to be upfront and honest. I’m really angry at you. How dare you look like such a model in your perfect pair of denim shorts?! I thought we were blogging because we were both too short to walk the catwalk, but maybe that’s all been in my head and you’re actually 5 ” 10. Speaking of catwalks and despondency, two of my favourite things happened in the┬ámonth that has been (aside […]

London Calling: Our Favourite Haunts

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Dear L, I may or may not have told you that, of my many paper related vices, I am addicted to quirky travel guides. Before I left for London, I decided to pull all of my London guides out of the bookshelf and make a little bucket list of things to do whilst there. Promptly burying myself under a mountain of publications, I decided that the bucket list may take several trips, not just the […]