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The Road Trip Edition

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Dear B, Why hello there, I feel as if I need to reintroduce myself, after a long hiatus from our letter writing. I must apologise for the long silence on my behalf and can only be forced to blame the pressures of exams, and the two road trips that I have just finished as the result of my silence. However, I am back (arguably with vengeance) and thought this letter would be the perfect time […]

What to Do When You Have No Clue

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Dear B, I feel like I should be writing Detective B, in my introduction, that last post was some amazing insight into the world where fashion-meets-film (in other words the world of us).  I also have had some insight of my own (maybe not that “amazing”), and it all has to do with co-inciding with my first week at Uni. In preparing for the ever impending day, I obviously planned, sought after essentials (the Backpack […]

Working It Out

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Dear L, Your backpack is rockin’, and glad to hear your first day at uni was just as swell. My Wednesday has been more-than-usually active. For starters, I finally got around to charging my Fitbit Flex, which is both really good and really bad. Really good, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy. Really bad, because it makes me work really hard at being healthy.