The Road Trip Edition

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Dear B,
Why hello there, I feel as if I need to reintroduce myself, after a long hiatus from our letter writing. I must apologise for the long silence on my behalf and can only be forced to blame the pressures of exams, and the two road trips that I have just finished as the result of my silence.
However, I am back (arguably with vengeance) and thought this letter would be the perfect time to recount my most recent road trips.

Part 1: New South Wales.
Although I am currently living in Sydney and have been for the past nearly seven months, I am ashamed to say that I have yet to travel any great distances away from Sydney, therefore in lure to help some friends make a short film, we packed our bags and headed down the central coast.
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Coledale Beach at Austinmer

To which, I can only say        W O W. Although it was winter, and freezing cold, the beaches were incredible as too were the close by mountain ranges. A huge recommendation to check out Thirrioul and Austinmer.

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It appears I am always in the middle seat.

Before leaving “Part 1” of the road trip, we made a trip to the Blue Mountains, and as only a tourist can say “I understand why they are called the Blue Mountains”, however, my only recommendation would be to come back in Summer, as our views were slightly impaired due to the huge extent of fog that covered most of the views (including that of the famous Three Sisters).

Coming back, gave me a single day to wash my clothes drink a good coffee before heading off for another road trip.
Part 2: Queensland.
This road trip, I have been planning for a while now, as a result of a short documentary that is currently in the works. However, it gave me the wonderful opportunity to go out to Muckadilla (yes, that’s actually the name, and yes it just as fun to say out loud as it is to type it) where our darling monthly editor “P” (click to see her most recent post), is living. Spending a few days out there was an absolute blast, and its safe to say I was dying to take an Akubra back to Sydney.
After a few days, unfortunately  it was time to leave, western Queensland and head down to Dalveen, which is on the boarder of New South Wales and Queensland, this was the only time on the trip that winter was well and truly felt, and I had to rug up in every way possible, but it was gorgeous and I was happy (which is all that matters). However, after only one day and befriending way too many Bulls, it was off back home, where after doing a load of washing I am able to take off my boots and write this letter.
I believe it’s only a matter of days till I next see you, but until then, keep trucking,
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L xx

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