A Spoonful of Sugar: Tea for Three?

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Dear B and L,

As you two reside in the cosiness of civilisation and urbanisation, I write to you very grateful to be invited on this once only rendezvous and send you bunches of flowers. However, I must also bring you to you a matter that is quite close to my heart and one that has landed me in a predicament, that of being the destiny of my entire existence. As you may of learnt over the past 5 years together, my mind is most often found thinking of artists, artworks and things I’d rather be doing and of course, I wish with all my heart to become apart of this wondrous world. However, over the years, I have met many (by many I mean a lot) of dream crushing pessimists, so I bring to you my six most influential modern day, contemporary artists who I simply adore and wish the whole world new about their pure awesomeness.

No. 6 Jose Romussi

jose romussi jose romussi2

Jose Romussi, you please me more than you would believe. Who would have thought a black and white photo with a bit of thread could be so captivating. Simple but kinda perfect.

No. 5 Zaria Foreman

Zaria Forman zariaforeman2

Zaria Foreman, a wonder woman of pastels creates these images so realistic I could climb into them and go for a swim in the crystal blue. But maybe not, because Greenland is cold, there are icebergs and maybe even killer Whales…

No. 4 Susanna Bauer

SusannaBauer2 Susanna Bauer Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041

How does the girl even do it. I am constantly in awe and complete bewilderment of her and how delicate and fragile her works are. Each leaf looks as though its been spun by a small spider, a little masterpiece of nature.

No.3 Ana Teresa Barboza

ana teresa barboza anateresabarboza

Similar to Jose Romussi, but not. The whole image is embroided with an element of each appearing realistic and absolutely gorgeous that you want to pick up and hold in your own hands, I mean who doesn’t love a baby deer.

No. 2 Ellie Anderson (Art Of Ellie)

ellieanderson ellieanderson2

An artist I can’t ever look past is the visual wonder of Ellie Anderson and her silk screen prints. I have even had the pleasure of working along side her, and she’s kind of awesome so bite me

No. 1 Cj Hendry

cj hendry cjhendry2

This wouldn’t be a list of my favourite artists without Cj. I don’t even know where to start, this girl leaves me speechless every time. All of her artworks are scribbles drawn with a very small 0.1 fine tip pen to create a much larger, realistic visual masterpiece that can leave anyone gob-smacked and lost for words, so you win Cj, you win.

So now I have shared with you my all time faves, I am left feeling a little amazed with goosebumps and butterflies and wanting more than ever to follow in my idols footsteps. So without further ado, I stick my finger to the world of pessimists and head on my way to my little wonderland in a hope to amaze someone else one day,

All my love in buckets and barrows,



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