What to Do When You Have No Clue

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Dear B,
I feel like I should be writing Detective B, in my introduction, that last post was some amazing insight into the world where fashion-meets-film (in other words the world of us).  I also have had some insight of my own (maybe not that “amazing”), and it all has to do with co-inciding with my first week at Uni.
In preparing for the ever impending day, I obviously planned, sought after essentials (the Backpack of course), and believed that I was emotionally/physically prepared.  However, when I turned up at Uni with my backpack bursting (of mostly rubbish), I realised I had no clue.
Therefore in lure of my realisation, I went back to my easy 5 step way of “What to Do When You Have No Clue”

  1. Be The Flow
Especially when you are starting to find your way to each lectures, just follow the crowd, normally those who are there at the same time as you are, are generally going in the same location as you are, so just;
“Go With the Flow”.
  1. Be Open
This may be the most scary and terrifying part, but unfortunately its essential (sigh), if you have no clue, most likely someone else around you does, therefore unless you are a mind reader (yes, I am talking to you Edward Cullen), the only way you can retrieve said information and ASK!
This one is simple(s) (I hope you said that in a Meerkat voice), if you are organised, you are more in control and voila you will likely have an idea of what/when/who/where you are going/doing.
It’s hard work, being open and being organised and being busy, so take some time for yourself. Relax, listen to music, read a book, watch a movie- TV show anything that gives you some time simply for yourself.
This is the most obvious, but the most important, you can’t make lifelong friends if you don’t show them your true personality, you won’t feel comfortable and at ease if you aren’t able to be yourself. While I say be open and try new things, also try and focus on yourself, because in the end it’s you who has no clue.
Keep being clueless,
Lizzie Xx
P.S Note how they all started with “Be”.

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