What’s All This Masking About?

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beauty / lifestyle / sephora
Dear B,
In light of your motivational letter, I decided that I needed to recharge myself, however, more in the space of a skin mask.
Today, I was shopping at Sephora, and like always, the little novelty items, that appear to be waiting for me when I line up to buy, enticed me to buy everything there was (well not really, just a face-mask, but you get it).

I have seen facemasks everywhere, they look relaxing, therapeutic, the best thing for a mid-week pick-me -up.
Therefore tonight, whilst My Kitchen Rules was on one of their 40 minute ad breaks, I raced through the shower, and applied the face-mask.
The Green-Tea Mask, promised a fretting feel, and to be honest, it delivered. My skin does feel rejuvenated and refreshed, saying that, I have only taken it off for about 30 minutes.
So, as my initial thoughts, so-far so fantastic, however, it is early days, but I am sure, I will be keeping you informed if I break into a rash, (which would allow me to drastically change my opinions)

Till next face mask,


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