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Dear B,
I am about to re-educate myself  on Manic-Mondays after looking at my uni timetable (goodbye social life). However just receiving my enormous and countless textbooks that I “apparently” need every day, I was daunted by the thought of carrying endless books with me everywhere, and essentially look like a klutz. Therefore, going back to my primary school mentally, a back-pack was in order.

I will cut through the dreadful trials, and my apparently strict crate (I would disagree, but apparently shop assistants and I would think differently)
  1. I didn’t want to look like I was just going hiking
  2.  I didn’t want to look like I was about to enter Primary School
  3. I wanted it to match practically everything I wear
*Cue montage of months passing and never finding one, then one sunny (of course it’s sunny) day, a golden halo is placed on a Sportsgirl shop*
Photo on 24-02-2015 at 5.10 pm #2
Yes, it was Sportsgirl, where I met my critera, in a simple, clean cut backlog, that I would be able to fill with my hopes and glories (too much?).
This bag, has the space to fit my laptop and still has extra space (to potentially fit my head as well).
Photo on 24-02-2015 at 5.21 pm #3Photo on 24-02-2015 at 5.21 pm #4
Its a dream (and a bargain personally).
Hope your Tuesday has been less-manic, and you are able to recover post-Ocars.
Much Love,
L xx


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