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Dear B,
Ah London, the city of (according to google), Fog, Dreams, Lights and Opportunities, in that order, is now the temporary home to fashion week. Last week,  saw the New York Fashion Week, come and go, and as my sister predicted it was all about the 70’s.

Yes, time to bring out the collared shirts (were they ever gone?), the flared jeans and the neckties, because this next season will definitely represent what everyone loves about the 70’s.
My favourite 70’s looks from the catwalk
Joie, Zimmermann, karen Walker, J. Crew and Sea

Joie, Zimmermann, Karen Walker, J. Crew and Sea

My essentials to create a touch of 70’s in every outfit.

Header photos are Spring/ Summer 2015 Chloe.

Keep it Groovy,
L xx

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