Little Bit of Granola to Make Your Day

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Dear B,

In my part of the world, (Sydney, Australia) it is officially half-way through summer. Therefore, I am unable to fathom the need of a leather jacket just yet, however, come Winter, a whole another story may be told.
This week, I wanted to talk food. Yes, a great topic, if I may say so myself. Granola, is one of my favourite, easy/healthy breakfast (or any meal) options, and this is my (partially) Famous Granola Recipe.


2 Cups of Oats (for around 2/3 servings)

1 Cup of Almonds
1 Cup of Mixed Seeds
 Handful of Shredred  Coconut

Handful of Sun-dried FigsIMG_4613

Handful of sun-dried Apricots
2 Tablespoons of Honey
1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
Preheat oven to 180º C .IMG_4623
Thinly chop all dry ingredients (excl. the Oats).
 Combine in a bowl.
Add the Honey and Maple Syrup.
 Mix together (much more enjoyable if combining with your hands).
On a baking tray,spread a thin layer and put in the ovenIMG_4641

for around 10 minutes or until Golden.

To serve, add greek yogurt (or any type) fresh/frozen raspberries and get creative!
The more you nuts/seeds/ fruits you put in that you actually enjoy, the more you will enjoy your Granola
If anything, undercook your Granola rather than overcook,IMG_4653
otherwise it will taste of burnt popcorn, which none wants to eat for breakfast.

So there you go, possibly the most versatile breakfast option, where you can make it healthy or sweater, nuttier or fruiter, however you decide.

Much love,

L xx

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