The Leather Forecast

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Dear L,

A public congratulations on film school acceptance. I would have told you you’d be accepted earlier, but you wouldn’t have believed me. As you know, I’m off to London tomorrow. . . .Where is the emoticon app for blogging??? I need the one with the crazy eyes.

So whilst my little sister is packing for boarding school, I’m deciding what to wear in the very-near-below-freezing weather. And I decided that this is a great excuse to wear leather (poet and I didn’t know it), a material barely ever required, let alone tolerable in the Queensland heat.

IMG_3705_fotorSaid jacket was bought from Whistles via Asos with the total sum of my 2013 Christmas funds, and despite being perfect, has done little to make that ‘cost per wear’ number drop. Hopefully I will amend that in the next couple of weeks.

As to the coolness of finally finding that perfect leather jacket, all I can think of is a cartoon I saw a couple of years ago. It read “I thought my whole life would become cooler if I started wearing a leather jacket. It did”. So perhaps if we both wear a leather jacket on our first days, we won’t have to get drastic hair cuts to fit in with the cool kids.


Love B


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