A Summer Made For Dresses

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Fashion / Outfit post

Dear B,

If there is one thing I call a successful item in a wardrobe, it would be an item that you can rehash to  match any occasion. The perfect transitional dress is rare, and when found should be shared amongst all those who sought it.


Though many claim to have found the perfect beach/ summerday to night-time outfit, I am still not convinced on the whole statement jewellery by the seaside, just to smarten up a kaftan. Therefore, when I can across this Spell and the Gypsy Collective dress, that was not only named after one of my  favourite  bands, Fleetwood Mac, it is co-incdentially the perfect transitional dress, and if you don’t believe me, simply keep scrolling.




IMG_4529 IMG_4537


The beautiful detail of the laceThat is all from me this week but if you want photos of the all things behind the scenes, make sure to check out our Tumblr and Instagram.

Much Love,

L xx

Dress/ Shoes/Hat/ Ring/ Earrings

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