Perfecting Beachside Cool (With You)

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Dear L,

I was about to say “long time no see”, but as our beloved Dwight from the Office would say, “FALSE”. Our recent walks hikes along the Bronte to Bondi stretch gave me a long time to analyse the Australian beachside style, something Sydney-Siders (cough, you) seem to pull off with Parisienne-level “je ne sais quoi”.


Through this research I have managed to break the style down to its key, utterly Instagram-able elements:

So many neutrals
Greys, whites, soft faded denim, a touch of camel and BLACK BLACK and more BLACK are the hallmarks of this look. Other colours are kept to a minimum. . . unless you are, well, you L.

Hair game = strong
Beach dwellers know that heat-perfected hair is useless when dipped in salt water. Therefore, clean, blunt cuts are the go-to. Ocean water mixed with great product is all that’s needed from there.

– Sunglasses
The one thing I forgot to bring to Sydney, and thus of course, the most essential. I am jubilant in declaring the return of the Ray Bans.

– Fine jewellery, bulky shoes
Layers of thin gold chain, multi-finger twines of metal, and almost invisible bracelets adorn Sydney’s stylish beach-goers. Slip on those updated Birkenstocks, sit down at a cafe where everyone else is adhering to a similar uniform, and get ready for Instagram stardom.

After brunch, do like The Tea Club and head for life on the literal edge. But be way more careful than the Brazilian tourists we saw that day. There should be a SIGNIFICANT GAP between you and death at all times. Please.

Love B

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