Month: January 2015

Little Bit of Granola to Make Your Day

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Dear B, In my part of the world, (Sydney, Australia) it is officially half-way through summer. Therefore, I am unable to fathom the need of a leather jacket just yet, however, come Winter, a whole another story may be told. This week, I wanted to talk food. Yes, a great topic, if I may say so myself. Granola, is one of my favourite, easy/healthy breakfast (or any meal) options, and this is my (partially) Famous […]

Perfecting Beachside Cool (With You)

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Dear L, I was about to say “long time no see”, but as our beloved Dwight from the Office would say, “FALSE”. Our recent walks hikes along the Bronte to Bondi stretch gave me a long time to analyse the Australian beachside style, something Sydney-Siders (cough, you) seem to pull off with Parisienne-level “je ne sais quoi”.