The One Where I Get Nostalgic

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Dear B,

These past three months, there has been very little need to write letters, seeing as we were only a few meters away, finishing high school forever. Therefore, I feel no embarrassment  in the fact that you did not reply to me.

After five long, stressful years, containing too many arguments about; how messy you are when sharing a room, and way too many printing jobs I did for you, and all the coffees/treaties you bribed me in order to go down to the local corner store, its all over.

While not having to physically climb into your dorm, will be a relief, and the pain it must cause you of my misplaced commas will be slightly turned into joy that I have messaged you (hopefully), it won’t be the same.

Arguably our first photo together

You have been an instrumental part in not only my sanity at boarding school and in the library, but a creative outlet, a person I could vent my frustrations about the latest book, my love for the latest film, a line
from a Mindy Kaling creation (which you would have already read/seen and there would be a very high chance that I had quoted it wrong). There is also a high possibility that I would not be where I am, professionally without your guidance, and world-opener (yes, I made up that word, stop judging me). For all this, I shall never be able to repay my gratitude.

So I do hope you forgive me for bringing these old (very old) photos, onto this blog, which shall will not be a regular occurrence, but I think our friendship needs a five year celebration.
So from a nostalgic heart and a promise that there will be now regular updates and letters on this blog,
Lizzie xx

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